New to blogworld – how to follow and be followed?

I’ve only been blogging for a couple of weeks and was wondering how to find interesting posts on writing. I assume I could just google ‘wordpress and writing’ but this seems a bit indiscriminate. Any thoughts most welcome.

I guess what I’m looking for are writers going through the same angst as I am, and how they’re dealing with it e.g writer’s block, avoiding diversionary activity (like this blog), revising and rewriting, etc.


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  1. mamabro

    I just use their search option and search all posts with the tag I am looking at.

    I had to take a couple days off when I had writers block and then go back and look at it again before I could break through and I ended up writing 10 pages. They were written pages but they finished off the chapter I was stuck on.

    As i go along the idea of the novel that I had started with changes a lot, and I’m pretty sure it is much better for it.

    Also I think that doing other writing activities and also reading different genres of books might help open the mind a little.

    Good luck


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